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  • I rely on benefits, do I get a discount?
    If you receive means tested benefits you can get 50% discount on all our essential items with white labels. This includes furniture, clothes and household items. In order to receive the 50% discount, just speak to a member of staff when you are at the shop. We will need you to provide proof of address and proof of benefits. We will then sign you up to receive the discount for a whole year. At the end of the year you will need to bring in proof of benefits again to be signed up for the following year.
  • What do the different coloured labels in the shop mean?
    In our shop we use different coloured labels to mark the prices on items for sale. White labels = everyday / essential items e.g. clothes, everyday furniture. If you are on benefits, you can get 50% off these items. Yellow labels = luxury / antique items Red labels = upcycled / handmade items made by our amazing team of volunteers and students from the furniture upcycling course.
  • I would like to donate furniture or clothes. What do I do?
    We are currently accepting items for donations at our showroom in Rickmansworth during our opening hours. Our staff have the discretion to decline items. We might decline your item if... it is a fabric covered furniture item that does not have fire labels (where required). it is not of appropriate quality to be resold. it is an item which, in our experience, we know will not sell. we already have a high level of similar stock in the showroom. If you would like to check whether or not we will accept your item before travelling to us, call us on 01923 718666.
  • What sort of things can you take?
    We take anything we think we can sell from our showroom, such as: Dining tables and matching chairs Chests of drawers Sofas Beds Coffee tables Wardrobes Rugs Bric a brac Electrical items (in working order) Curtains Books Clothes And if your item isn’t on this list, please phone us on 01923 718666 as we’d love to hear from you.
  • How do collections and deliveries work?
    If you have an item of furniture to donate, but no way to transport it to us, we may be able to help you by collecting it on our van. Collection can be arranged by call us on 01923 718666. Collection slots for the week open on Tuesday mornings at 9 am. The slots for the week normally fill up fast. As with all donations, our staff have discretion to accept or decline items. In some cases, we may ask you to email us a photo of your item before we agree to schedule a collection. Deliveries by our van can be arranged at the time of purchase with our shop staff. We currently charge a £15 fee for deliveries.
  • Where does the money go?
    9 Lives Furniture is a charity. Our income is reinvested back into 9 Lives Furniture to help us continue to provide our training for people with learning disabilities and recovering from mental ill health, and to fund our subsidy for those in need.
  • Can you claim Gift Aid on what I donate?
    If you’re a British taxpayer, we can reclaim an additional 25% from the taxman from the sale of your furniture or your cash donation through the Gift Aid scheme. This doesn’t cost you an extra penny – it comes straight from the government. We’ll ask you when you donate to us whether you are a taxpayer; to reclaim the Gift Aid, we’ll need your full name and home address.
  • Are you a registered charity / company?
    We are registered with the Charity Commission and registered with Companies House. Our details are: Charity number: 1096086 Company number: 4375649
  • I'm interested in being a Trustee for your charity. Where can I find out more?
    We are fortunate to have an amazing team that support our charity. From time to time, we are looking for more individuals to join us as Trustees. If this is something you are interested in, or you think you have skills you can offer to help us, we would love to hear from you. Please send an email to
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